Hunger breeds discontentment, eating rice as before!


Hunger breeds discon
A vegetable farm has wisdom in June 2015 in the province city county of Qing Gang village officially started construction, farm planning and construction area of 300 acres, the first phase of the model farm has completed construction of 200 acres. The farm is divided into rural entertainment area, agricultural ecological sightseeing area, leisure area, RV camping tent + + Garden Cottage Area, planting area, farm farming wisdom science park, multifunctional private cooking rice fish + rape field, organic fertilizer and fertilizer processing area and other functional areas. A APP is a cool dish dish of agricultural ...

Day on organic farms, from natural g...



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Beijing * * * * trading company planting base base is located in the mountain areas of high quality fruit * *, was founded in April 2003, covers an area of 500 acres, in December 2006 officially became the organic vegetable production base, we built solar greenhouse 35, 17 greenhouses and office workshop garnish 300 flat, fertile soil, abundant water resources, with unique natural conditions in Germany for the production of organic food products, from the construction field, we in the production of organic products for the purpose of the production process in strict accordance with the production procedures of organic agricultural products, farm without applying any pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, natural growth of plant organic ecological cycle, farm crops are pur... 【more】

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